2023 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Automation System (MDMAS 2023)


Keynote Speakers of MDMAS 2023

D. Prof. Huan Qi

Zhejiang University City College, China

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Research interests: Study on precision machining technology and theory of multi-energy field composite abrasive flow

Biography: Qi Huan, distinguished professor, City College of Zhejiang University, is a German Humboldt Senior Scholar and the winner of Zhejiang Outstanding Youth Science Fund. He presided over six national key R&D programs, key projects of intergovernmental cooperation, general projects of national funds and key R&D programs of Zhejiang Province, published more than 40 SCI papers, authorized 14 invention patents, participated in the formulation of national standards and "Made in Zhejiang" group standards, developed three provincial-level industrial new products, registered one scientific and technological achievement of Zhejiang Province as the first finisher, and won the second prize of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Progress in 2019. Deputy Secretary-General of Intelligent Manufacturing Committee of Zhejiang Digital Economy Society; Senior member of China Mechanical Engineering Society, member of the Committee of Extreme Manufacturing Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Society; Reviewers of authoritative journals in the manufacturing field at home and abroad, such as Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Int J Mach Tool Manu.

Prof. Shaohua Luo

Guizhou University, China

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Research interests: Dynamic analysis, digital circuit design and intelligent control of special electromechanical systems and networks; Adaptive control, optimal control and active fault-tolerant control; Application of artificial intelligence technology in electromechanical system and network

Biography: Professor of Mechanical Engineering College of Guizhou University, tutor of doctoral students and tutor of master students, outstanding young scientific and technological talents of Guizhou Province, leader of key projects of ESI potential discipline promotion plan of Guizhou University, distinguished expert of "Enterprise Innovation Post" of Guizhou University, and academic leader of Guizhou University. In recent years, he has presided over the research projects of National Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Natural Science Foundation and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and participated in the research work of National "863 Plan" and National Natural Science Foundation. He has made some theoretical and applied achievements in key scientific technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, autonomous intelligent systems, high-performance electromechanical drive systems and equipment, published more than 50 scientific research papers in authoritative academic journals at home and abroad, authorized more than 20 invention patents (including 1 American invention patent and 3 British invention patents), transformed 2 patents, won the second prize of Excellence Fund, and has more than 4 years of experience as a state-owned enterprise and foreign-funded engineer.

Prof. Xiaodong Zhang

Xi’an Jiaotong University, China


Research interests: Mechanical engineering instrument science and technology; Research on Theory, Method and Application Technology of Optical Fiber Sensing; Research on the Theory and Method of Biomechanical Sensing and Intelligent Robot Technology; Monitoring analysis and compensation control technology of thermal deformation of high-end equipment

Biography: Prof. XiaodongZhang, doctoral supervisor of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, director of China Vibration Engineering Society, executive vice chairman of dynamic testing professional committee, executive vice chairman of national mechanical engineering testing technology research society and honorary chairman of automatic testing branch. In recent years, he has participated in many projects of National Natural Science Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology, and published more than 120 papers in the past 10 years, of which more than 20 papers were retrieved by SCI and more than 50 papers by EI. In the past 10 years, more than 30 national invention patents have been accepted, of which nearly 20 have been authorized; More than 20 software copyrights have been registered.

Assoc. Prof. Junxing Zhang

Guizhou University, China


Research interests: Application of industrial big data and computational intelligence in adaptive control of electromechanical system, advanced control (adaptive control, optimal control and active fault-tolerant control) and learning optimization of complex industrial intelligent manufacturing system, development of intelligent complex equipment

Biography: Dr. Zhang Junxing, associate professor and master tutor of Guizhou University, member of China Automation Society and lifelong member of Intelligent Manufacturing Professional Committee of China Artificial Intelligence Society, is a peer review expert of top international journals such as IEEE TNNLSs and ISA Transactions. In recent years, he has undertaken the research work of more than 10 scientific research projects, such as the national key R&D plan project, the national natural science foundation project, the national science and technology innovation 2030 "new generation artificial intelligence" major project, the national intelligent manufacturing new model application project and the provincial natural science foundation, and the key project of Guizhou University's ESI potential discipline promotion plan. Some theoretical and applied achievements have been made in key engineering science and technology such as intelligent manufacturing, autonomous intelligent system, high-performance electromechanical drive system and complex equipment development. More than 10 scientific research papers have been published in authoritative academic journals at home and abroad, more than 30 patents have been authorized and 4 software copyrights have been registered.

Assoc. Prof. Yipin Wan

Chang’an University, China

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Research interests: Structural optimization;anti-fatigue design

Biography: Yipin Wan, Ph.D. in Engineering, Associate Professor and Master Tutor, School of Construction Machinery, Chang 'an University. He presided over and participated in more than 10 projects entrusted by the National Natural Science Foundation, Shaanxi Natural Science Foundation, Postdoctoral Fund and enterprises, published more than 40 papers, authorized 6 national invention patents, and authorized more than 20 utility model patents and software copyrights. At present, research is carried out in the fields of dissimilar metal welding fatigue, mechanical structure fatigue and fracture, and mechanical structure optimization design.