2023 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Automation System (MDMAS 2023)


Keynote Speakers of MDMAS 2022

Prof. Ka-Veng YUEN

State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City, University of Macau, China

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Research interests: Structural Health Monitoring, System Identification, Vibration Control, Bayesian Inference.

Research Experience: Prof. Yuen is the Dean of Graduate School and Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) of the University of Macau. He is a member of the 8th Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of the Macao SAR Government.

Prof. Yuen’s research expertise includes Bayesian inference, uncertainty quantification, system identification, structural health monitoring, reliability analysis and analysis of dynamical systems. His paper “Model selection using response measurements: Bayesian probabilistic approach” (coauthored with J.L. Beck) is one of the top 10 most cited papers among all papers published in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (established since 1983) of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Furthermore, his single-author book “Bayesian methods for structural dynamics and civil engineering (published by the top publisher John Wiley & Sons in 2010) has attracted great attention of Bayesian methods for structural dynamics. It has become a classical reading in this research field.

Title: System Identification with Self-Calibratable Model Classes

Prof. Jiang GUO

Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China


Biography: Prof. Jiang GUO is currently a professor at Dalian University of Technology (DUT). He received his Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo in 2013. After graduation, he joined RIKEN as a researcher. In October 2015, he became a scientist in A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research). He has been actively involved in precision machining related research for over a decade. His research interests include ultraprecision machining, optics, actuator and mechatronics. He has published more than 50 journal papers in mechanical and optical engineering and holds several patents. His research work was highlighted in A*STAR Research. He received several funding such as JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) (2015) and Academic Research Grant from Mazak Foundation (2014), and awards such as Heidenhain Scholarship from Euspen’s 11th International Conference (2011), Young Author’s Award for Excellent Presentation from The 20th MAGDA Conference in Pacific Asia (2011) and Best Paper Award from Mazak Foundation (2012). He is a member of European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (EUSPEN), American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) and Asian Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (ASPEN). He is also the reviewer for over 50 SCI journals.

Title: Research on multi-field coupling polishing technology and equipment for microstructured surface

Abstract: UMicrostructured surfaces have been widely used in the field of national defense, optics, microfluidics, surface engineering, etc. owing to their unique characteristics and functions compared with the traditional surfaces. Currently, for fabricating microfeatures in size of tens to hundreds of micrometers, precision machining technologies are primarily employed considering machining cost, efficiency and flexibility. However, due to the limitation of the achievable surface quality attributed to defects such as burrs, tool marks and subsurface damages, a post-polishing process is therefore inevitable. To solve the problem that high efficiency, high accuracy and high surface quality cannot be all taken into account by the present polishing technology for microstructured surface, this work conducted research from the aspects of method, mechanism and applications. A new multi-field coupling (mechanics, magnetic, chemical) polishing technology and equipment for typical micro-structured surface such as V-groove and rectangular structure is proposed. The profile accuracy maintaining mechanism of microstructured surface under the multi-field coupling is investigated. At the same time, the removal and suppression mechanism of surface defects is illustrated. Finally, through the practical application of the technology using optimized process parameters, successful applications have been achieved on typical microstructures such as Fresnel lenses and microfluidic molds. The achievement of the research will provide as technical support for the high-performance manufacturing of precision parts.

Prof. Kamal Kumar Sharma

Lovely Professional University, India

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Biography: Prof. Kamal Kumar Sharma is Fellow IETE INDIA, IQAC, Senior Member IEEE, Ex-Director. He has completed his Ph.D. in the field of wireless communication and sensor networks in 2012 from IKG Punjab Technical University, Punjab. His subsequent education of M.Tech is from IKG Punjab Technical University and B.Tech is from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra. He is working as a professor and head of the department in the wireless communication department of Lovely Professional University. He has 21 years of rich experience in engineering academics and research.

Assoc. Prof. Hongtao Tang  

Wuhan University of Technology, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, China

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Main Achievements: In recent years, he is mainly engaged in digital design, digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent optimization algorithm and application in manufacturing industry (automobile, hydraulic cylinder, mold, casting and other industries). He has developed the digital design software suitable for automobile, hydraulic cylinder, mold, casting and other industries, and developed the intelligent manufacturing PLM/ERP/MES/SCADA intelligent manufacturing system, which has been applied in many companies in different industries and achieved great economic benefits. He has presided over 2 national natural science general and youth funds, with more than 20 horizontal funds, with a total fund of over 8 million yuan. He has published more than 60 academic papers, including 20 SCI papers, 1 English monograph, 20 soft books, 6 invention patents, and reviewers of more than 20 international journals such as IJPR, JCLP, CAIE, JIM, ASOC and COR.

Title: Intelligent scheduling and the development & application of MES system in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Abstract: Under the framework of the Industrial Internet, explore the complete set of flexible construction theories, methods, technologies and software for the production and manufacturing process of high-end hydraulic cylinders. Solve the problems of high-end hydraulic cylinder manufacturing whole process system reconstruction and optimization difficulty, manufacturing whole process resource scheduling optimization difficulty, manufacturing whole process resource control system landing difficulties, etc., significantly improve the high-end hydraulic cylinder production factors optimization configuration and collaborative operation efficiency. Establish a high-end hydraulic cylinder processing and assembly full-process production scheduling optimization framework, carry out research on the two-stage scheduling optimization method of the flexible operation workshop in the pre-machining stage and the flexible operation workshop in the post-assembly stage, and develop a customized MES system based on this model framework, which is of great significance for realizing the data-driven hydraulic cylinder manufacturing whole process system reconstruction and realizing the distributed resource regulation of the system under dynamic disturbance and the multi-objective optimization of the whole process.